I am dedicated to your advancement. Within the core of my spirit I possess the word of the living God. I have consulted individuals across the globe. I have given precise insights pertaining to future events to those who have walked with Kings, Presidents, ect. The presentation of Gods perception applied will ensure your success in life. I have released over 100 thousand prophetic words in the earth since the inception of my life. I started having supernatural encounters with God when I was only three years of age. During my teenage years I began to prophesy on a mass level and haven't stopped since. I am seasoned and dedicated to God. I am different than a psychic, astrologer, medium, ect. I do not credit myself with the gift I have been given. All credit belongs to God before Christ Jesus. Over 700 conference events have been conducted online. Dozens have been created in person. I have written 6 books based upon the supernatural realities of national and personal prophecy. I am an expert on this subject. Constantly Pastors and leaders alike across the globe seek my advise. They seek me because they know I have accurate information which is contained by the word of the LORD. If you are looking for something real you found it. Discover your future today. God will show me what you will enter into. I will prophesy to you upon request.






If you sign up today to receive your prophetic report you will know authentic information regarding your future. This is to be treasured and respected. For it is God who does the speaking. I have fine tuned my senses to discover how he speaks. I have tens of thousands of hours within what experience has been applied. I am a master to the subject of prophecy and can genuinely help change your life for the better as the better side of tomorrow is revealed today. There is no psychic or prophet on the earth today who shares my prophetic track record. At this moment I possess the highest amount of data which has come to pass by the prophetic word. When signing up know that you are dealing with an individual who is well skilled and able to direct your course to accurate information. 

Why do we ask for finances?

We are not sponsored or salaried by any specific Church. Our service belongs to the Saints and in order for us to keep a full time platform where all of our time goes into the Saints we must ask for a gift to keep this ministry strong. Pastors receive salaries, Teachers receive offerings and evangelists receive offerings. Why is it that the prophetic are discriminated when they work for the LORD? There must be a balanced viewpoint which creates understanding amongst the Saints so that all offices are honored unto the LORD. Our driving motive and force is not money but God. However we realize that things cost money to maintain. If Stephen is full time then his time must be placed within you fully. That means work only with you and those who connect. The only way he can do this full time is by asking you to support him as he brings benefit to your life through the revelation of Gods imagination. This is what we know as covenant. When two parties come into agreement one to another. You agree to keep Stephen full time and he agrees to serve you. However there are times where Stephen will prophesy and never ask for offerings. Free events are created from time to time and created for the benefit of those who cannot afford to pay.


Option for a refund

If the revelations and work performed on your behalf is not satisfactory or does not come to pass we can come to a refund agreement that benefits honor. This is something we will always honor. Please honor the ministry as you feel led by God to do so. We appreciate you so very much.


An exclusive hand written prophetic word sent by e-mail from an accurate and proven source of information

  • You will receive a live personal prophecy that is all about you
  • Locations, loved ones, special events, dates listed, marriage, children could be named
  • Your session will begin within 24 hours or less
  • A computer is required for this session
  • Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any further questions

Your going to love what you just found! Personal prophecy is a million times better than psychic advise. Far more details, greater levels of accuracy, power packed anointed and exclusive messages from the spirit of God. Its something you may know about or may not know about. Either way its bound to cause curiosity. The word of the LORD is a unique demonstration of Gods ability to speak to us as a people. God wants to inform you about what is next. He wants to outline what new changes will arrive in your life and how you will see the very benefit of knowing what is ahead before you arrive. Connect to Stephen. You will be so glad you did so.


Authentic advise delivered 

March 2nd 2011 testimony 

Russell, from Colorado

Yesterday was a unique experience.  We purchased the house that you prophesied about last Friday and yesterday while there working on the remodeling, were listening to my mp3 player.  I have your words recorded on there as well as some music and other things, and one of your words came up and said 'I see you at the beginning of March looking back and saying - We got it - ... I t was funny and unique to experience the fulfillment of a prophesy and hear it at the same time.  God is awesome - the King of Time!  


Once you sign up you will receive a contact by us confirming you did so. You may also contact our office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and we will be gad to answer any questions you may have. Satisfaction is guaranteed. All times are subject to change. Make sure you place the correct e-mail address into the payment screen once you sign up. Your gift will help the ministry tremendously. Your gift also sustains Stephen in a full-time position where he can help others like you everyday. Thank you for your connection.