World Cup predictions : What did Stephen say?

For those who may not keep tabs on my Facebook fan page, I did announce who I thought would do best in this recent World Cup tournament in Brazil. My announcement was given in early June 2014. It was presented by my personal intuition on who I thought would win the World cup. Instead of giving a direct answer to this question in demand I gave a different answer. I told those who visit my Facebook page that I do believe Germany, Argentina and Netherlands would do the best. To my amazement those were the top three teams out of all 32 who competed in the tournament. 

 I felt three teams would do the best. Not knowing who the winner was, I simply shared what I saw prophetically. What I saw was Germany, Argentina and Netherlands doing the best of all teams.


  • Germany was #1
  • Argentina was #2
  • Netherlands was #3


Germany did the best. Winning the entire competition for championship status. Argentina came in second place, then Netherlands in 3rd. There are so many good teams. France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, ect. I could have said something else. But instead of God giving me the winner who was Germany, I receive a different answer for public perception. I say, "Germany, Argentina and Netherlands" will do the best. My critics complained. They felt that was too vague. But then with the final result we can see why God chose to show me those three teams. They were the top three winners. Congratulations to Germany for winning the world cup! You are Phenomenal in the football world.And as for my prediction, I was grateful to have known what I knew prior to the tournament beginning.Although not knowing from the start who the World Cup leader was, I did announce what I knew to announce and what I felt led to announce by the Holy Spirits motivation.





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 October 10th 2012 revelation written by Stephen Choate

A new form of fire will be found within this very nation. For there shall be an unusual onslaught which shall be found before the United States of America. Who will save the nation which saved so many? Who shall befriend this great nation when she is down? For the spirit of the LORD says, "There shall come a time when a Military might shall come before the center of DC and come very close to the Capital."  They will ensnare the nations central sight of interest. In this I will begin to move through the fire and through the ashes. To show the United States I am God. For I will begin to move in the season of a great chaos says the LORD and I will descend upon the land of the living when it seems life has been missing. America shall be humbled. And in great fear she shall sit. For the days of anarchy will draw near. Now is the time to see the acquisition of chaos which will be caught by the children of this age.

A new society shall emerge. A society in which Silver & Gold rule. A society where we shall rebuild the foundation of this nation. Defeat shall be felt. But for a season. Through this state of restored mind we shall gallop beyond the guidance of the infantry. And shall see a greater method in which to decode the systems of Sam. For a new systematic work of political power will be induced upon our conscious connections. And for a season we shall courtship with chaos. And yet I say the LORD of love shall visit his children before the fire and the flames. He who is JESUS CHRIST shall come and descend before this age in America.The radiance of his smile shall flow in the wind as the stars of his spirit flow into the chaotic scene of demographic destruction. He shall prevail as the light of the world and create through his very own one of the greatest revivals and moves of the spirit America has ever known or seen. As anarchy accelerates the love of God shall intensify and I shall be there to participate in this love before the nations best interest. When the fire falls where will you be? I see it and I have tried to pray against it. Yet I continue seeing it and hearing the sound of crackle before the smoke filled sky of insurgence.  God help us all.

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4 MAJOR FULFILLMENT'S w/ Stephen Choate

Back to back to back to back prophetic fulfillment's! The San Fransisco Giants won the world series. Stephen said that was the team who would win. Hurricane Sandy hit the North east. Stephen talked about a Hurricane hitting the North east with unusual flooding and for some time now has had visions of the subways being flooded in NYC. Not only that and since the year 2010 Stephen has been talking about a new Star Wars trilogy series which would debut sometime within this decade. Disney just acquired ownership rights from George Lucas and will be launching episode 7 in the year 2015. Then lastly since early this year and even before Mitt Romney was chosen to go up against Obama Stephen said that Romney would be chosen then be defeated by Obama in November of 2012. Stephen even documented this on facebook as proof and wrote to the President privately congratulating him in the month of September on his win before he won! Four national prophetic words just came to pass in a 3 week period of time. Amazing. Give God the glory!




Several months ago while speaking with my friend from New Jersey we had a unique conversation. He asked me who would win the World series. I said, "I'm not sure if its the Angels, the A's or the Giants" but I definitely see a team from California walking away with the world series. Recently the Giants won. After this happened I then told him that a major storm was coming to the United States of America and that it would be unusual as it would hit the east coast. Never could I imagined that the proportion of this storm would be to the magnitude and degree it presently is. Some ask me if its Gods judgment. I don't know how to answer that question. Sometimes the earth creates storms and we just happen to be apart of it. So when it comes to the judgment of God I don't have an opinion. But I won't rule it out.


If you are in the North east part of the United States I will be praying for you that God protects you. The last time I received a major revelation pertaining to a weather threat it was the 9.0 Japanese earthquake. Earlier this year I saw a major storm coming to the United States and said they would compare it to previous storms like Katrina but it would have a different impact. The word of the LORD is sound. It unveils the secrets of God in the earth which are both profound and instrumental to our well being. One of my great concerns following this season is Nuclear talks with the world. I have a sense and urgency in me that one or several governments is involved in some type of nuclear plan to attack or rob life in this upcoming season. Whether it is now or in this very decade I do not know the exact timing. But I am very concerned as I am praying against all forms of chaos so that peace would enrich the earth simultaneously by loves affection. Thank you for visiting SpeakGodSpeak today. You are loved - Stephen Choate


October 28th 2012 thoughts from Stephen Choate

Several months ago my friend asked me who would win the world series. I said, "I believe a team from California". Now seeing the San Fransisco Giants in the world series I am convinced that this is the team I was talking about. Before the series began he asked me who would win, "The Giants or Tigers?" I then told him the Giants will win. And I could be wrong but I believe they will win within 5 games. After this conversation came we then talked about a storm coming to the United States of America as it is now confirmed by an east coast hurricane. I felt strongly that it would be known as a historical movement of wind.



After these words were shared I then began to share my heart on the certain changes which would come to the United States of America. While it is highly probable that Romney will win the Presidency I felt that Obama again would be re - elected as President of the United States of America. And that after or during the elections we would deal with a certain form of anarchy which would hit the nation. I wonder if this hurricane is the anarchy I have spoken of? I believe it is apart of it but I also believe that something far greater is headed our way in this very season. Meet the forerunner - Stephen Choate